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Dreams: About Leader Of Malaysia


This week came an inspiration and courage for me to say something that might be a mistake to me or maybe an inspiration to all.
I say tell me what this is about the dreams I had when first dream. There are many dreams but let me tell you where affordable only. Expectations, dream sleep toys. But after a while we dream then gasped and said to myself .. Well, it is true that dream. Well, that's what happened to me

What are my motives story of this dream? Think of it simply a story only and may be the interpretation and meaning of which I do not know and want you to tell if there is no intention that I know.

The first dream:
As I recall happened in 2012. I was in a desert area and it seemed to central park. What a lot of people. Too many. At the end there, there are a large stage. On it there are some individuals that many of our national leaders including the prime minister and ds ds She najib. From the top, there is a penalty shout-shout want to give them. Apparently, it is a court made publicly. For refusing to intervene, I got off the stage and into the house. But there's a Sucker dressed as militants threatened me not to sign.

But I said, this house has been entrusted to me to keep. Sucker's why I go in and make onat although I know that the son of the militant Sucker host but she could not trust to take care of the house as possible hosts knew his son would bring damage to the house. Thus, there was a bit of a struggle. Finally I can beat him by taking the dagger from her hand and prick in his leg. Then, he fled.

Then, there came a Chinese girl who had just converted to Islam. Mamat had complained about it. So I said Mamat tu dah nak not dare mess. Then, our young people and there are some twilight when they boarded the train and they asked ... After all these events, what's going to happen? I spontaneously answered. While pointing a finger to the sky dusk instructions, and answered. "This has not happened je". Then I woke up.

The first dream interpretation:
Because it happened in 2012, so my brain a lot of time hovering about end of time and the Mayan calendar. I got a port amik about politics. But after three years, I understand the bit about the dream.

1- dream ds ds She najib and in the court of the people are on the current situation of 'people's justice'. In the dream, it is not known whether true or not guilty of ds najib. And what the punishment. But in view of the country's leaders voluntarily up to the stage to apologize.

2- About trust home and Sucker militants. I do not know the real meaning of this intrusion but if applicable sulu recently, I was startled. It seemed a dream telly. Malaysia has gained the trust to take care of Sabah. And sulu want to claim but they take more damage. About prick at his feet, I do not understand. Perhaps it is related to military tektikal.

3. On the Chinese converts and instructions evening sky, I really do not understand the interpretation and pending any relevant event. I think maybe it has to do with this new enekman hudud. God knows best

The second dream
In my village, Anwar Ibrahim was a surrogate sleep in my house. We allow. He looks with his son, but his son was just sitting under it. Perhaps as a driver just coat.

After dawn, dressed Anwar suiy and began to leave our house. I asked. To where? He is responsible to prison. I just nod. After that he got away with the white van. But the son Anwar was below, with a piece of paper banners Mahjong.

I also see that what he Majesty. I was surprised, he was painting the picture of money with dollar figure 1 diagram. Under item 1 dollar, 3 lam alif. And under alif lam, mim is one letter. Then I woke up and continued to paint the figure that as long as I can remember.

The second interpretation:
This event happened in a dream ni also when it is still warm and the story of Anwar Ibrahim. But it happens before the court decision. I do not amik port is about it. But what I remember most is about a boy whose face I see fig 1 dollar to 3 and 1 alif lam mim.

Not long ago this dream, we were shocked by the death of his teacher nik aziz. And this week the leaders of singapore's death. I do not know whether it relates to the three and one alif lam mim it. It's up to you all too. In addition to the letters alif and lam mim, the American dollar figures that are all seeing eyes I was a little mengusarkan. What he meant. Or, again .. It is just a toy to bed?
Regardless, the story so far before me of a dream state leaders MAY related to current issues. Regardless, it is up to you. I do not force you to believe. This article is just for me to share what I can only.

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September 12, 2015 at 10:16 AM

d leaders r your ancestors. their 'blood' is in u now! unfortunately u juz thrown them away.

September 12, 2015 at 10:24 AM

d house is "u". d little n naughty son is "nafs" n d militant sucker is his 'uncle' who lives overseas which both of them created by Almighty from wind n fire.

September 12, 2015 at 10:41 AM

d chinese convert conveyed u a message. ...islamkan diri mu zahir dan batin. islamkan 6666 urat dalam badan mu. islamkan qorin2mu. ini adalah amalan datuk mu, nenekmu sehingga ke Rasullullah. inilah amalan sakti ygdi lupakan. lihatlah pd ciptaan NYA dan balikkan pndgn mu ke dalam diri mu.

September 12, 2015 at 11:02 AM

about anwar..u got to figure it up yrself. ..d dollar sign n son could lead. never let yr 'son' become your driver. amazing! cubit peha kanan peha kiri pun rasa?

September 12, 2015 at 11:12 AM

anyway..itz all about u. d kingdom is in u!...salam penuh penghormatan dr hamba pacal yg hina.

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